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Behind the Heather

When we were floating, swimming, spinning,

were we speaking of the inner?

Felt the unwinding of a tether,

less than a free fall

You would drink away the pressure,

hiding out behind the heather-

Did you think I wouldn't notice you gone?

Fireflies turned the yard into hot Christmas

as John Prine sang about a Long Monday

Through the open window, above the studio.

I couldn't see you, but I didn't want to call your name

Because the bats were out to hunt,

making trails above our heads.

That place was made for quiet and reverence

Said it hit you all at once,

you felt it sinking with the sun

Good intentions you threw out to the breeze;

Paving paths to hell or coming back in threes.

Dusk turned navy blue and then there were stars

Insects chewing on our feet

We were falling asleep in the back of your car

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