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Kim Deal, A Mason

Reminded how

I wished so hard for so long,

that I'd been born Kim Deal

I wished so hard for so long,

ever longing just to tell it how it feels

Tongue in gutter, yeah

You better shudder, boy

Wished so hard for so long

I'd been tougher

Not such a foolish lover

Can never see or hear it coming

Until it's lying in a nest, in the pit of my stomach

Eyes back and fourth may never know

Where'd I go? Where'd I go? Here I go

It wasn't even a full moon then

Not even half-cocked

Not even a heel in the bag, I was just showing up

History met me there,

said, "I'll hold your bag ma'am"

So you can go cursing in mirrors

and puking in trash cans

Brick and mortar

Brick and mortar

I'm a mason

Nothing like those little bunnies

you've been chasing

Now I'm looking to get lost

In my striped knee socks

Just like Kim, with my middle fingers up

Laugh at everything

Smoke cigarettes onstage

Yeah, "Smoke em if you got em"

I heard her say

I wished so hard for so long

That wishing hard would make me braver

But the time, instead

just made the resolution waver

Skip to the end again

Now it just grows the fear

Thin with wear - I hate it here

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